BSBOG Membership

There are many benefits to BSBOG membership including discounts on conference costs (both BSBOG and ISPOG conferences), access to past presentations of the Society, discounts on relevant scientific journals among others. Follow the links below for details. 

There are two membership scenarios:

New Membership

Renewing Membership

Introductory Offer

This special introductory low price is for those who ...

  • are attending (e.g. in the process of registering) or have attended the most recent Annual Scientific Meeting (or Study Day) and have never been a member of BSBOG before OR
  • are a member of Birthlight OR
  • are a student

If this applies to you please carry on here.

Full Membership

This full membership is for new members who do not qualify for the Introductory Offer.

Those who fit into this category:

  • have taken out a membership with BSBOG before and are renewing their membership

If this applies to you then please carry on here.